Summer Choral Academy

What to expect at Choral Academy:

  • A Week of Choral Masterwork Singing
  • Sectional Rehearsals with our talented Artistic Staff
  • Full Ensemble Rehearsal with our Artistic Director, Judith Gary
  • NEW: Electives that you choose to explore in-depth musical concepts each day
  • An Opportunity to perform a prepared solo in a masterclass
  • Rehearsal and Performance in all Treble and Bass choirs
  • Incredible facilities hosted at St. Anne’s Belfield School
  • A Spiritual selected each year to end our final concert
  • The History of Choral Masterworks and their Composers
  • Breaks for Snacks and Games throughout the day
  • Great people, friends, and singing

“AMAZING GRACE! And today people overuse the word ‘amazing’. The Choral Academy was truly a labor of love. It was, for our family, transformative, and for our daughter it was life-changing to know that ordinary life could be elevated on a daily basis! For a teenager, at any moment in their young lives…how can an individual possibly put a price tag or even begin to repay what you have accomplished in and for us? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

“I just wanted to let you know what a success the week was. I was especially impressed with the support given to the student chorus by the other singers, the orchestra, and the soloists, to make the experience truly professional. Today [our daughter’s] stories started tumbling out: the great music history instruction about requiem in general, the physical relaxation exercises, and helpful ideas she sees application for in her piano studies. We asked her if she’d be interested in coming back next year. Her reply was an enthusiastic yes!”


A Choral Masterwork

For auditions and camp information, 
contact Nick Matherne, Executive Director, at

Application form – 2020 (pdf) 
Scholarship Application for 2020 (pdf) 


About the Choral Academy

The Virginia Consort Choral Academy offers a unique experience for high school age students to study and explore the possibilities of professional music.

Through this week-long camp, students have the opportunity to learn from a professional artistic staff and to perform a choral masterpiece with soloists and orchestra under the direction of Judith Gary.

Our Artistic Staff, comprised of talented local choral directors, is dedicated to creating the most exciting and enriching educational experience possible to help students more fully understand music theory, vocal production, music history and conducting technique, with classes in Alexander Technique for Singers, Sight Reading, and  Preparing for an Audition.