Why The Virginia Consort

The Virginia Consort is proud to offer performing opportunities for both adults and children.

Schedule an audition with The Virginia Consort if you want to sing with an ensemble that:

  • Explores the vast world of choral music

    Because we don’t limit ourselves to a particular period or to a geographic area of composition, The Virginia Consort offers an eclectic, free-ranging blend of music from seven centuries, multiple countries and cultures, sacred and secular, seeking out the novel and new while treasuring the classics.

  • Engages Audiences

    The Virginia Consort is a corporate experience between the musicians and audience.

  • Demands Excellence

    Because we demand excellence from our orchestras and singers, our performances are of the highest quality.

  • Is committed to introducing children to the world of choral music.

    The Virginia Consort is committed to the youth of our area and offers a bounty of choral singing opportunities for ages 7 and up. The Prelude Choir and our brand new First Step Choir provide an introduction to choral singing for those children who show native talent but have not had previous choral experience.